Applying Sales Process Engineering, Measures and General Management, The Machine (book)

The Machine > Part 2 > Chapter 10: Technology (why CRM sucks!)

Most managers are excited by technology. Technology enables us to get more done, faster. And technology is practical. Concrete. It’s not about ideas; it’s about execution. This is certainly true in sales environments. It’s almost impossible to propose any initiative without prompting the question: is there software for that? In sales environments, the answer to […]

Measures and General Management, Slaying Sacred Cows, The Machine (book)

The Machine > Part 1 > Chapter 6: The end of commissions, bonuses and other artificial management stimulants

If it’s true that sacred cows make the best hamburgers, then we’re in for quite a feast! I’ve chosen to close Part One of this book with a frontal assault on the juiciest bovine of all: the unassailable belief that salespeople should be paid commissions. And while I’m at it, I’ll take aim at bonuses, […]

Measures and General Management

The evil of time-and-material billing

Okay, perhaps evil is a bit of an exaggeration, but whenever I encounter an environment where time is tracked and billed, I see tremendous inefficiencies and value-destruction. Let’s consider why. Imagine you have something to sell – a widget, say. Tell me, for how much should you sell it? The answer to that question is […]

Measures and General Management, Slaying Sacred Cows

The triple bottom line: two parts nonsense

Here’s a favorite post of mine from our old Yahoo group … Philosophies collide! I was presenting a workshop in Darwin (Australia) recently when the manager of a (government-funded) organization objected that our methods focus only on the financial bottom line — and that they are not conducive with the concept of triple-bottom-line management. Now, […]