Measures and General Management, Slaying Sacred Cows, The Machine (book)

The Machine > Part 1 > Chapter 6: The end of commissions, bonuses and other artificial management stimulants

If it’s true that sacred cows make the best hamburgers, then we’re in for quite a feast! I’ve chosen to close Part One of this book with a frontal assault on the juiciest bovine of all: the unassailable belief that salespeople should be paid commissions. And while I’m at it, I’ll take aim at bonuses, […]

Measures and General Management

Why should selling be optional?

Yesterday was a day of firsts for me. First time in Latin America.  First time presenting via a translator (it worked effortlessly).  And first time I’ve tipped more than $1,000 in a restaurant!  (1,000 pesos equals just $US0.50.) But there was one experience yesterday that I’m well and truly used to: the reaction of workshop […]

Measures and General Management

Performance pay: the case against

Few suggestions inflame passions faster than the suggestion that performance pay be abolished. It’s our contention, nonetheless, that, in an ideal environment, commissions and bonuses are likely to be in conflict with the goal of the organisation. Of course, traditional sales processes are not ’ideal environments’ and, as such, the traditional sales process serves as […]