Case Studies

Levitt Safety: their four-year journey with SPE

Over the last four years, Levitt Safety (Canada’s largest specialist safety and fire-protection company) has reduced the size of its field force and scaled-up its inside sales and customer service teams. In this interview Bruce Levitt and Fraser Gibson share insights into their four-year journey (thus far) with SPE and talk about the challenges and the […]

Case Studies, Measures and General Management

Celebrating SPE

I’ve noticed an interesting trend. I’m seeing organizations starting to celebrate the fact that they’re implementing SPE—inside the organization, and even outside! I’m thinking, maybe the popularity of The Machine is empowering executives to be a little bolder. Or maybe we’re just doing a better job of selling the end-state. Either way, it’s a nice trend. […]

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Orbitform: A revenue increase of 30-40% is “wildly significant for us”!

Orbitform is one of the silent revolutionaries profiled in The Machine. If you turn to page 101, you’ll find the story of Madison—an organization that found it necessary to create their own hybrid SPE model. Officially, Madison’s story is an amalgam of three organizations’ experiences but, unofficially—between just you and me, dear reader—Madison is 95% Orbitform! […]

Case Studies

No salespeople, an exploding pipeline and a 20% lift in sales!

The Davcor story Marc Cohen is no fan of consultants. At the start of this interview, he discloses that he has a medical condition — one that results in him having a visceral aversion to consultants! Nonetheless, Marc is here to tell the story of his first 18 months, implementing SPE.  He explains why he did […]