Industrial supplier grows 26% in 10 months. Still growing!

Felipe Ruanova purchased The Machine after seeing an ad in an industrial periodical.

He read the book in two days and then got to worrying about how our two organizations could work together. The problem: Ballistix appeared to be in Australia and his business, Censa Industrial is in Tijuana, Mexico.

When we first spoke on the phone, Felipe was delighted to discover that I live just a few hours up the road from him, in Los Angeles!

From there, things moved pretty quickly. Felipe brought his senior team to visit with me for two days and we devised a plan to remodel his sales function.

He started implementing that plan the day he returned to Mexico and, 10 months on, he has already grown his revenues 26%. But this is no flash in the pan. His rate of growth is actually increasing!

This interview is fascinating, for a number of reasons:

  1.  We discuss the maths of his nascent inside sales team and the argument for making the third team member a dedicated supervisor, rather than another salesperson.
  2. We talk about how the customer experience has improved, in spite of the fact that sales has moved inside. Customers have significantly more touch points and penetration into Censa’s largest accounts has actually increased! 
  3. We also speculate that this new model inoculates his sales team members from the approaches of competitors.

You’ll enjoy this one!

[UPDATE: June 19, 2019] Even though this was posted a few days ago, the video was recorded a year earlier. I just got an update from Felipe letting me know that monthly sales are up 50% in the last 12 months. To keep up with demand, Censa has had to add 5 more machines to support the products they manufacture in house.

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