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The Machine is the working title of my upcoming book. I’m  posting drafts of each chapter here as I complete them. Please subscribe using the tab above so we can deliver each new chapter, steaming hot, to your inbox. And please comment. Your comments will make this a better book for everyone.



Section name Overview
INTRODUCTION Builds the case for change and identifies the assumptions that underpin each model: the current sales model and the new one proposed.
PART ONE Introduces both the theory and the practical implications of Sales Process Engineering
1. After the revolution Describes the new model from different stakeholders perspectives – providing understanding of end result (what it looks like)
2. Four principles (and how to win a boat race) Explains the theoretical underpinnings of new model (how it works). Introduces four principles of SPE (uses boat as analogy to explain centralized scheduling)
3. Re-envisioning the sales function Shows how the four principles of SPE lead naturally to the standard model described in chapter 1
3A. The death of field sales Explains the inside-out approach to the design of the sales function (will be merged with Ch. 3)
4. The machine within the machine Discusses how the sales function can be (and must be) integrated with the rest of the organization (this integration is a major benefit of the new model)
5. Three variations on the standard model Shows how the four principles naturally produce three alternate models in different environments (indirect sales [via resellers], commodity sales and a micro business or start-up)
6. The end of commissions, targets and other artificial management stimulants Why commissions and other management short-cuts don’t make sense in this environment (and, quite likely, in most modern environments)
PART TWO Explains how to apply SPE in the reader’s particular organization
7. Formulating a plan Preparing to implement SPE: the critical questions and how to answer them  (ensuring the proposed model makes economic sense)
8. Converting opportunities into sales Designing the optimal procedure to convert sales opportunities into sales.
9. How to generate sales opportunities How to originate sales opportunities: a practical guide
10. Technology (why CRM sucks!) The technology you need and the technology you don’t! SPE requires CRM but it causes the technology to be used by different people in a different way.
11. Managing the sales function The new model has significant management implications. How to make the transition from management by feel to management by numbers.

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    Enzo Gonzalez

    please send me a copy of your book “the Machine” send to my e mail enzo@talentoempresarial.net I´m interest in your book

    #25729 Reply


    I’ll send it to you now.

    Also, you can read the book extract and other content here: http://issuu.com/justinroffmarsh


    #25730 Reply

    Paige Zinn

    Is there any way I can receive a copy of your book online or via snail mail? I’m happy to pay for it. Thanks.

    #25731 Reply

    Gavriel Shaw

    Justin! I read your previous Sales Manifesto and reeeaaaalllly looking forward to you finalising ‘The Machine’. From what I’ve seen, it will be revolutionary.

    #8179 Reply

    walter bello

    ill like to know more about it

    #9088 Reply

    Mark Smith

    Any news on when the book will be released?

    Have become a bit of an addict after reading all of the chapters on the blog.

    Need a bit of a fix:)

    #9103 Reply

    Good to hear, Mark

    The Penultimate chapter will be here today.  If you’ve subscribed (tab above) you’ll get it in your email.

    So we’re looking at getting it in bookshops this year sometime.


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    I really have a tendency to agree with pretty much everything that was authored within “The Machine | Sales Process Engineering”.
    I am grateful for pretty much all the actual tips.

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    ERIK M.

    Hello Justin,

    We are now in July 2014 and I was wondering if “The Machine” exists in a “book version”, as you already made for the 3 first chapters? (even electronic version).

    Thanks for your reply,
    Kind regards,


    #26134 Reply

    Giannina Bettis

    Please email me a Copy of Your Book to agvbettis.bellsouth.net
    Thank You

    #26135 Reply

    Jeff S.


    Are you going to have an audio version of “The Machine” available either from audible.com, CD or some other audio option?


    #26136 Reply

    I plan to yes. Debating whether to read it myself or not.

    #26236 Reply


    Not that you were asking, but of all the books that I have listened to, the ones that the author reads him/her self give greater authority. If you decide to read it yourself, I’ll buy it. (I’ll probably buy it anyway)

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    Ahmed JAZIRI

    please send me a copy of your book “the Machine” send to my e mail ahmedjaziri.tn@gmail.com I´m interest in your book

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    pramod joshi

    Do you have audio or soft version of book The Machine- A radical approach.
    I want to buy it.

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