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Hi there

Thanks for requesting a best-practice briefing.

You’ll be hearing from Charlene Wein soon. Charlene’s my assistant and she’ll be happy to provide you some dates and times to choose from.

If you’d like to maximize the value we extract from our call, you’re welcome to use the contact form on this site to answer the questions that follow.

If you don’t get to it, no problem … we’ll speed through it at the start of our call (don’t worry, I’ll have done a little homework at my end too)!

Look forward to chatting soon.


Questions (optional)

  1. What do you sell … and to whom?
  2. Do you sell direct or via resellers?
  3. What’s the current structure of your sales function … number of field reps … inside reps … customer service reps … marketing people and so on?
  4. And, please describe a typical day in the life of one of your field reps (if you have them)?