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This DVD contains both my first book and the sampler of my second in PDF format. This means you can transfer them direct to your Kindle or iPad. Once you’ve done that, your next stop should be the 2.5hr keynote presentation: a comprehensive introduction to Sales Process Engineering.

Local content

  1. The Machine (Book sampler, PDF)
  2. The Death of Field Sales (Bonus Chapter from The Machine)
  3. Reengineering the Sales Process (Entire book, PDF)
  4. Keynote presentation: Lunch-n-Learn event (presented in April 2011)
  5. Multimedia Presentation (introduction to SPE)
  6. Whitepaper (depracated: superseded by book sampler above)

Online content

  1. Read The Machine (sampler) online now!
  2. Visit Justin’s blog: www.salesproceseengineering.net
  3. Ballistix: get assistance with implementation of SPE
  4. Book Justin to speak at your next event
  5. Mixergy.com: Interview with Justin
  6. GrowthHacker.TV: Interview with Justin

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