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    Juan Carlos

    Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge!!

    Please, when will be available your book “The Machine”?

    Thanks a lot!
    Best regards
    Juan Carlos
    Follower from Spain

    #17615 Reply

    Hi Juan

    The book is still 6 months or so away, I’m afraid. It’s being translated into Spanish as I write it, by the way.


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    Timothy Johnson

    Your interview today on Mixergy was awesome, and very inspiring. I am in the same place you were years ago, beginning copywriter, turned into a direct marketing agency, and now I hate that model, and was changing into just being a consultant… but now I am second guessing that.

    Looking forward to reading your partial book, I am sure I could learn a lot from you.

    #17617 Reply

    Thank you Timothy

    For those curious, the Mixergy interview is here:


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    Robin McMullan

    we are following trhe TOC in our business and have implemented a pricing system that reflects this based on the constraint.

    we are now looking at the sales function and would appreciate any help you could give even if you were to come and see us for a cost.

    #17619 Reply

    Hi Robin

    I’ll love to come visit at some point. I’m sure Charlene (my assistant) will be in contact with you.

    Hope you enjoy the book.


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    Hey Justin,
    I attended your seminar in Spring Lake last month. Enjoyed the ideas, and we continue to apply them.
    In chapter 1, near the end, you hint at Commodity sales. What chapter/section will I find that content.


    #18307 Reply


    I think I’m referencing the “Alternative Models” chapter.


    #23636 Reply


    Thank you. Look forward to.

    #24831 Reply

    Pawel Nawrocki

    Dear Justin,

    We met in Warsaw at HBRP conference. I was sitting at your table on your left side. You probably won’t remember. I was the guy who politely asked the girl in blue dress to stop disturbing you during a break when you were eating your lunch. It was really embarassing for me.

    I am also sorry for our lack of enthusiasm, especially at the beginning of your session. We didn’t know what to expect. We were expecting something else…

    So, it was a perfect time for us to meet. It was a kind of destiny. Just 1 week before the conference I ordered a team to divide one of my meeting halls in 2 and making 4 smaller rooms for sales persons. In my mind I just saw them doing what they usually used to do. Everything. Bad idea.

    Then the Universe sent you. Great! Thanks! And what you showed us was at first pretty boring, but then it became interesting. Then, even, very interesting. And while most of my mates kept saying “That won’t work at my company” I saw a light in a tunnel. I saw such a light before, after Goldratt’s “Goal”.

    I have 4 sales persons + me = 5.

    Now I have: 3 sales persons + coordinator + technical support guy + an OfferMaker.

    I use SalesForce.Com since 3 months. Seems to help us a lot. AND I WILL BE USING IT!!!! 🙂

    I have a chart in polish, so I won’t bother you with it.

    I haven’t figured out how to manage my reps from abroad, but I will find a way to get rid of them. How? Any suggestions?

    The thing is that your idea probably was a missing element of the plan, which I wouldn’t have figured out without this conference.

    I wish I attened your Friday meeting in Warsaw, I couldn’t be there.

    I believe I will have questions for you to ask. We start with your methodology in January 2014. Pretty soon. Problems will occur. It is normal in a process of implementing something new.

    Question 1: How do you suggest to support sales department with web based technologies?

    Conclusion: I think that you may be right with your idea of running a sales department. Your conference will be remembered very long by many attendees. What you told us was different what we do. I attended many conferences. Many I don’t even remember. I will remember yours and also Marshall Goldsmith’s.

    You may be right…

    Happy New Year!

    Best regards
    Pawel Nawrocki
    CEO, Nawrocki Pelleting Technology, Poland.

    #24844 Reply


    That’s great feedback, thank you!

    I’m glad you got value.

    You ask about web-based technologies and sales …

    I think, in our organization, pretty much everything we use is web-based. We moved our old Exchange server to the Google Apps environment years ago and, since then, all new technologies have been web-based. These include:

    Jira (software development management)
    Vtiger (CRM)
    Wordpress (numerous websites, my blog and our Intranet)
    Aweber (lead-management)
    PHPList (email broadcast)
    BallistixMIS (our own sales bus-intel application)


    #25481 Reply


    Hello Justin

    We are already using SPE (Coastal – St Austell UK) and is cgoing real well.

    I have requested your info for my own research into business advancement programs.

    Thanks again

    #27118 Reply

    alan haveson

    I am looking forward to reading. However, I hope you are wrong. From an industrial experience there is nothing better than building a customer service relationship than an in-person relationship. PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE, and the sales rep can only provide value added insight when experiencing the workplace environment!


    #27119 Reply


    Well, people do buy from people, except when they don’t!

    And the % of cases when they choose not to is growing inexorably.

    Most of our industrial clients complain that younger engineers DON’T want to meet face-to-face with salespeople, unless it’s absolutely critical (i.e. not a social visit), and that they push to minimize the salesperson’s involvement in transactions across the board.

    There are definitely situations where the salesperson adds significant value so we need to understand exactly what those situations are — and exploit them — rather than starting with a prima facie assumption that salesperson = value.

    Customers simply don’t see it that way any more!


    #30097 Reply

    Gary Leach

    I have said that far too often to save redundancy. Firms set expectations based on a growth percentage of the previous year’s sales which is based on the previous sales rep. If firms would just look at their existing customers sales compared to the customers market they would see that they could increase their sales by building the relationship and incorporating today’s tech tools. Time utilization with an astute assistant to prepare packages, make appointments sells in today’s world. A one man band i.e. an ego inflated “operator” salesrep should not be the model management glorify.
    Thanks Justin your first chapters were an easy quick read and “lean”

    In Christ

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