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    Good post. If the figures aren't hit there's a sense of failure. Careful who you share the numbers with in the team – they are for motivating for success. Think about which numbers the teams should focus on. Need goals for the road map but sometimes everyone needs to get out of their own way and get on with it

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    Pekka Töytäri

    I find the subject and your article really interesting. I have been working the forecasting related issues for about 20 years now, 8 of them as a consultant and 2 as a doctoral researcher on value based selling and sales management. I think you point to the objectivity of the data used in the process. I believe that is the key to any success. production related forecasting (or any process we ourselves control) is obviously much easier than forecasting the outcome of a process where decisions are made rather independently of us. with relatively large numbers and intentional effort to remove the bias of subjective evaluations the results are probably relatively good. with fewer and larger deals it takes profound understanding of the customer's decision making process, corporate and individual preferences, benefts and sacrifices to understand the likely outcome of any deal. unfortunately, my experience is that the art and science of "sales opportunity management" is not that well established process in most corporations.
    Pekka Töytäri
    sales management consultant and doctoral student at Aalto University

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    Thank you Pekka

    This is very nice feedback. Are you comfortable with the 'scenario-based approach' proposed in the next article?:

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    The emergence of cargo cults on some Pacific Islands after World War II is an amusing and oft-repeated story. The relatively primitive lifestyles of t
    [See the full post at: Sales forecasts: hocus-pocus with a dollar sign!]

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