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    I criticized the religion of Inbound Marketing in a previous post. Inbound Marketing: Retards Growth and Turns Marketing Folk into Zombies. I complain
    [See the full post at: Marketing: Inbound vs Outbound is a False Alternative]

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    I don’t think it should ever come down to Inbound vs Outbound. That is the wrong way to think about this. And I am not suggesting that is what you are saying at all. It would be smart to both inbound and outbound correctly and drive sales sale performance up and to the right!

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    Enjoyed the article. Thoughtful analysis and I agree with the underlying points.

    But…to be even more correct, ‘who is chasing whom?’ 😉

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    Right you are, Derek. I’ve updated it. Thank you.

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    Thanks for the interesting read Justin, and i find myself agreeing! I’m not a marketing zombie, I’m a passionate marketer and a student of business. I’ve decided to use HubSpot for my start-up. I don’t like the way they strait-jacket you but I’m living with it. Question for you: can you confirm my suspicion that it’s not about using HubSpot (or any other platform) per se – but its more about the approach you take? Or would you advise against using platforms that push the inbound-only methodology?

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    Suspicion confirmed!

    It’s not about the platform. You need the software, but you’ll also need to use your own brain.

    Hubspot is fine. IMHO it’s expensive for what you get but it’ll do the job.

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    Andy Betts

    Justin, I enjoyed reading your article. There is a great deal of value in identifying the right questions and problems to tackle!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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