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Home Forums General discussions Anyone else applying this to a solo practice?

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    Hello New Friends,

    My name is Dr. David Kamnitzer. I am a holistic doctor who provides a variety of cutting-edge wellness services.

    I realized while reading THE MACHINE that the key for me to break through to the next level is to work with a CAMPAIGN MANAGER … as my first visit with patients acts as the SALES CONVERSATION.

    Any suggestions for hiring and working well with a Campaign Manager.

    Justin, I loved the book your commitment to honest, crisp, clear thinking … and I enjoyed your sense of humor as well.

    Sincerely … DK

    PS: Have you considered some type of a web-based group service that would be affordable for very small businesses?

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    Thank you David

    Sadly, I’m stretched pretty thin so the web-based group isn’t on the roadmap right now.

    We don’t only work with large business, though. Some of our clients turn over less than $100m!

    I wouldn’t fixate on the campaign manager idea. The big picture is that you should be established as the system constraint, which means that you should:

      Be busy at all times
      Have a big enough queue of forward-booked appointments so that you are never in danger of not being busy.


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    Thank you Justin.

    My idea of focusing on a Campaign Manager is to produce the result you said was most important.

    I am open to other approaches as well … that allow me to focus on healing, teaching, speaking, and writing … which are my passions.

    Sincerely … DK

    PS: I grew up in LA … two blocks about the Chateau Marmont! Then I lived in different places on the west side of LA until I was 24.

    Then I moved up to Northern California … and fell in love with it.

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    Brian wyant


    Im curious what if any solutions for filling your sales pipeline you’ve implemented.

    I have a very good friend in Charlotte who is a functional medicine practitioner (non insurance paid) and wants to grow his practice.

    Have a great weekend David

    PS I am a Bigsur guy!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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