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I’m so happy to post this video!

On the one hand it demonstrates that organizations can implement SPE without the assistance of Ballistix.

On the other hand it suggests that we’ve made huge progress in our efforts to codify and communicate both the principles and the practice of SPE.

Aside from reading our books and attending our events, Daniel Dunsford had no help from Ballistix. But that didn’t stop him from following our prescription (almost to the letter), and, as a consequence:

  • Slashing his sales-related costs
  • Boosting his sales revenues
  • Multiplying his firm’s profitability

Daniel is the principal of AR Cash Flow, a provider of receivables financing, based in Sydney, Australia. One of the things that I found striking about this interview is that Daniel made the correct call on a number of tough decisions:

  • From day-one, he established the critical 1:1 ratio between sales coordinators and salespeople – and scaled-down his sales team to make this possible (rather than under-resourcing the sales coordinator role and rendering the transition impossible)
  • He saw the light and eliminated sales commissions right away (rather that allowing them to cast a pall over the team-based structure)
  • He bit the bullet and took-on the business development role himself – until he had proof of concept (rather than relying on indirect feedback)

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Here’s Daniel telling the story, in his own words.

No help from Ballistix: AR Cash Flow goes it alone and multiplies profits

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    Don Greear

    This was an excellent video for me and our company because we are in a similar situation to Daniel, except we are in the software business.

    In the last week our group of 5 hard working individuals decided to follow your model. Three of us are pretty familiar with TOC and see the logic in your system. It has been a complete buy in so far and will be doing our best to apply your principles to our situation.

    My biggest concern is the promotion side is how to get Opportunity buffer filled.

    We have some more studying to do, but we will be in touch soon.

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    In short, there are two ways to generate opportunities.

    You can run ads (or similar) and generate inbound responses or you can simply compile lists, mail pre-approach letters and add all recipients to the Opportunity queue.

    I’d start with the latter, if I were you. But if you can make the former work, it’s superior for a whole bunch of reasons. The thing is, you don’t want the bottleneck to be there so the first approach is the better starting point.

    Either way, you need compelling offers otherwise people won’t respond or take your calls!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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